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Hierarchy: DCImanager -> Modules
DCImanager Enterprise -> Modules

This article describes how to install and use the "IPMI console" module.

It allows users to download the IPMI console as the .jnlp file.

More information can be found under IPMI.

Installing and configuring the "IPMI console"

Navigate to "Integration" → "Modules" → select "IPMI console" → "Install".

After the installation "Install" button will be changed into "Settings".

IPMI proxy
  • Use admin access details — select the check box to allow server owners to use admin's access data to upload the IPMI console. With this option enabled, a new IPMI user wont' be created for the server owner. The option is available starting from version 5.146;
  • Use proxy via ihttpd — select the check box to upload the IPMI console that runs via ihttpd. The option is available starting from version 5.146.

Managing the module

The module is available in "Main" -> "Servers" -> "IPMI console".

Module «Server search»

Clicking the IPMI console button will send a request to establish IPMI connection. If the request was send by an administrator, the session will use the parameters specified in the connection configuration form.

Navigate to"Integration" → "Modules" → select "IPMI console" → "Install".

To establish connection with user permissions, administrator will need to select the IPMI user in Connections -> IPMI users -> Edit user.

Module «Server search»
  • IPMI username;
  • User level: Administrator, Operator or User.
  • Allow server owner to access IPMI;
  • Password - user password.

When the session is established, the .jnlp file will be downloaded. The files are kept in the "/usr/local/mgr5/skins/common/ipmi_console/" directory. A random name will be generated for the files. To open the file, double-click it or use the javaws utility.

Parameters and options

  • IPMIConsoleLifeTime - IPMI console lifetime in hours. This is a period that will pass before the file with the IPMI console will be deleted automatically (the default value is 24).
  • IpmiConsoleUseAdminAccess — enable the Use admin access details option;
  • IpmiConsoleUseIhttpd — enable the Use proxy via ihttpd option.