"Operating system" tariff add-on

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You may create an add-on for the tariff plan to charge your clients for an operating system that will be installed on his VPS or dedicated server.

Navigate to the Tariff plan module to create a new add-on.

Creating an add-on

Provide the following parameters:

  • "Type" - select "Operating system";
  • "Enumeration" - select "Operating systems";
  • "Default value" - set a default operating system (usually, Free OS).

Select the add-on and click the Prices button to set different prices for different operating systems.

Different prices for different OS

Go to Enumerationss -- "Operating systems" -- "Values" to add operating systems you want to offer to your clients.

When adding a new operating system, make sure its internal name matches the internal names of corresponding OS templates (e.g. ISPsystem__VECentos-6-i386-minimal; template names can be found in Product types -> Virtual servers -> Properties -> OS templates -> Values).


When placing a new order, the client will see only the "OS template" parameter, add-on's properties will be defined automatically depending on the operating system specified in this parameter.Make sure that the following condition is met: internal name of the "Operating system" add-on (Product types -- Configuration) matched the internal name of the "Operating system" parameter.