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Configuration on the payment gateway side

Login to the payment gateway and enter the following configuration details:

  • URL to send results - https://<BILLmanager address>/mancgi/assistresult
  • Secret word

BILLmanager configuration details

Login to BILLmanager --> navigate to Payment methods-- > Click "Add" and complete the steps below:

You can use your existing account with ASSIST for integration, or register a new one.

Creating a new account in ASSIST

If you select to create a new ASSIST account:

  • Follow the link in BILLmanager to register a new ASSIST account
  • Once completed, proceed with the ASSIST integration in BILLmanager and enter details of the newly created account.

Existing account

Enter the following configuration details if you want to use your existing account:

  • Shop identifier - shop identifier in ASSIST
  • Secret word - enter the secret word inside your ASSIST account
  • API URL - payment gateway address. You can get it inside your ASSIST account

Choose payment methods: Credit card, Yandex.Money, WebMoney, QIWI, ASSIST IDCC.

Select the "Demo mode" check box to enable demo mode.

Technical information

ASSIST has three log-files:

  • pmassist.log - configuration details of the payment method.
  • assistpayment.log - payments.
  • assistresult.log - responses from the payment gateway.