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License is a unique set of information that allows a client to use the control panel for a certain period on a certain IP address.

This module can be used to view information relating to the license for your control panel. The information is read-only.

Module «License»

License information

  • License ID- license unique identifier.
  • License name - any name that You entered when ordering the control panel. It can be the name of a company or person who ordered the license.
  • Expiration date - license expiry date. The license must be updated upon expiration.

Software product

  • Control panel - the version of the control panel currently running on your server.
  • Operating system - operating system running on the web server, which allows the server to operate.
  • Repository - repository to upload updates.
  • Mirror - mirror to upload files.
  • COREmanager version - COREmanager version and build date.
  • Control panel version - control panel version and release date.
  • Latest version - the latest version of the control panel available for download.