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Hierarchy: VMmanager KVM -> Introduction
VMmanager Cloud -> Introduction

There are three types of users in VMmanager KVM:

  • Superuser (root);
  • Administrator;
  • User.

Superuser (root)

root is created and used during the installation process. All further operations in the control panel are performed with admin privileges.

Main features:

  • Manage user accounts (admin, user): create, set permissions, delete;
  • Analyse access logs, notification logs;
  • Configure the control panel.


Admin is created during the installation of VMmanager KVM. An administrator has full privileges to set up and manage a cluster.

Main features:

  • Create and manager a cluster;
  • Set up a storage; хранилища;
  • Create and manage virtual machines;
  • Manage disks of virtual machines;
  • Configure network;
  • Make and restore backup copies;
  • Analyse cluster and VM load.


A User is created by a server administrator and can be used by the owner of a virtual machine. The user can manager only his virtual machines.

Main features:

  • Create virtual machines (if administrator allows to perform this opertation);
  • Manage virtual machines;
  • Manage disks of virtual machines;
  • Install operating system on a virtual machine;
  • Analyse load of virtual machines.