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The "Active requests" module can be used to monitor requests the control panel is currently working with.

Модуль «Active requestз»
T-bullet.gif View a list of requests
T-delete.png Stop request

View a list of requests

  • Request Id - request unique identifier.
  • Session Id - session unique identifier.
  • Username - the user who sent this request.
  • Access level - user role (superuser, server administrator, user, etc.)
  • IP address - remote IP address that sent this request.
  • Idle - time that passed since the request was sent.
  • Function - the request internal name.
  • Status - information about the operation that the control panel is currently running to execute the request.

Stop request

If you want to stop a request, select it on the list and click the "Kill" icon.

Confirm that you want to stop the request by clicking OK in the following form. Once completed, the user will be notified that his request was terminated by the administrator.