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This module can be used to view and manage your users who are currently logged in to the control panel and are performing any actions there. You can find out the IP-address and level of access of a user, and terminate his session, if necessary.

If the session was terminated, the user will have to to log in again to proceed with running the control panel.

Module «Active sessions»

T-bullet.gif View a list of sessions
T-delete.png Terminate session

View a list of sessions

  • Session id - session unique identifier.
  • User name - the name that the user who is logged into the control panel.
  • Access Level - type of the user who established the session (for example, administrator, customer or reseller).
  • IP-address - remote IP-address from which the user accessed the control panel.
  • Idle - time that the user was not doing anything in the panel while being logged in.
  • Current sessions - the number of currently active requests.

Terminate session

If you want to terminate a user session, select the corresponding line and click the "Kill" icon.

Confirm that you want to terminate the session by clicking OK in the following form.

If the session was terminated, the user will have to log into the control panel again.