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Hierarchy: VMmanager KVM -> Cluster configuration
VMmanager Cloud -> Cluster configuration

A cluster is a group of servers with virtual machines running on them. Cluster nodes are physical servers. Before adding a cluster node, please make sure that the server is ready to operate as a cluster node in accordance with the article “Cluster node configuration”. You can add new nodes, edit the current nodes, or delete them in your control panel: section “Cluster settings” -> “Cluster nodes”.

This article describes how to add a new cluster node:

In VMmanager Cloud you need to add the server with the control panel as the first cluster node. The server with the control panel must be a cluster node, but you may not create virtual machines on that server. When adding a new cluster node, disable the cloud function in Cluster settings -> Cloud functions -> Enable cloud functions to avoid issues.

If your servers are located in Hetzner data-center, make additional settings before adding a node. These settings are specified in the article: “Network configuration for Hetzner servers”.

Cluster nodes

Please specify the name of the node, its IP-address, and access to the node.

Adding cluster nodes

When adding a new server into the cluster, the VMmanager package (vmmanager-kvm-pkg-vmnode) and virtualization packages qemu-kvm and libvirt are installed.

We recommend that you update QEMU and libvirt right after you have added the cluster node:

yum install centos-release-qemu-ev
yum update