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The Action Log is a tool for recording and tracking actions performed in the control panel. Normally it contains the detailed information about a certain action, performed by the users. Such information can be useful for collecting statistics or handling any problems with users.

The "Action log" module displays a list of all users' actions. The action log keeps the data about the local user, his IP-address, date and time when the action was taken, and name of the function corresponding to this action.

The administrator can perform the following actions in this module:

  • Monitor the entire list of actions for a certain period of time.
  • View detailed information about an action.
  • Generate reports.

Action log


List data:

  • Time - Operation execution time
  • User - User who completed the operation
  • Remote IP address - IP address of the user who was running the operation
  • Function - Operation internal name

Available actions:

Action log

Action log -> T-edit.png View the selected record


  • Time - Time of execution of the action in the control panel
  • User - The user who has performed the action in the control panel
  • Remote IP address - The IP-address from which the user has performed the operation in the control panel
  • Function - The name of the control panel's function
  • Paramaters - The list of the parameters transferred to the control panel's function

Function usage over period

Action log -> T-credit.png Report

  • Period - Select a period to generate the report
  • start date - Start date of the arbitrary period
  • end date - End date of the arbitrary period

Available actions:

  • T-back.png Back to the previous list


Action log -> T-attr.png Logging settings


  • Period - Enter the number of days to store records in the Action log

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