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The "Active requests" module can be used to monitor requests the control panel is currently working with.

Active requests


List data:

  • Request ID - Request unique identifier
  • Session ID - Session unique identifier
  • User - Name of the user who is currently running the task
  • Limits - Role of the user executing the request
P-root.png - Superuser
P-admin.png - Administrator
P-resell.png - Reseller
P-user.png - User
  • IP address - IP addresses of the user who is running the task
  • Idle - Request execution time
  • Function - Internal name of the function being executed
  • Status - Request current status

Available actions:

  • T-delete.png Terminate the selected requests. They will be marked as Terminating. It will be shown when accessing the library functions. The request will be terminated after that call. A user will be notified that his request was terminated.

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