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Parameters for reverse zone configuration on the DNS server

DNS server settings


  • Administrator email - DNS administrator email. It is specified in SOA record of a newly created domain zone
  • Name servers - Enter the name(s) of the name servers that will handle the DNS records for this domain.
  • Free addresses - Domain name that will be associated with all free IP addresses
  • Special addresses - Domain name that will be used for special IP addresses when creating a network.
  • Allow classless networks - Select the check box to create classless reverse zones when creating IPv4 networks smaller than /24. Otherwise /24 reverse zones will be created..

Please note: the name server wont't pass classless reverse zones. Select this check box only if your provider is provided you with network smaller than /24. He must set up /24 zone on his side based on requirements described at

  • Apply to existing - Select the check box to apply the changes. Otherwise these settings will be applied only to newly created domain zones.

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