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The Notifications module contains various system notifications that administrator should pay attention to. If an operation failed due to insufficient disk space, connection problems, issues with external services, etc. that fault will be registered as notifications. Some notifications have built-in s tools for automatic resolution. Once in 5 minutes the panel will require to repeat the operation to resolve issue



List data:

  • Date - Date when the notification was shown last time
  • Id - Notification identifier
  • Description - Notification description
  • Properties - The selected problem can/cannot be resolved automatically; level
P-lt1.png - Automatic solve mode is enabled
P-lt4.png - Automatic solve mode is off
P-note.png - Message
P-note.png - Warning
P-error.png - Error
P-admdown.png - Fatal error
P-lt3.png - Resolved
  • Number - The number of similar notifications that occurred starting from the date of registration of this notification

Available actions:

Notification properties

Notifications -> T-edit.png View properties of the selected notification


  • Id - Notification identifier
  • Notification type - Notification type
  • Date - Date when the last notification was registered in the system
  • Description - Notification description
  • User role - Select a notification level: message, warning, fatal error
  • Resolve automatically - Select the check box to try to resolve the problem automatically at specified period
  • Period (min) - Enter a period (in minutes) to attempt to resolve the problem
  • Resolve now - With this option selected, clicking OK will try to resolve this issue


Notifications -> T-editlist.png Show the error log


List data:

  • Date - Notification registration time. If the error can be resolved autimatically, there can be multuple attempts that might fail with the same error
  • User - User who performed the operation that generated this notification
  • Duration - Problem resolution time (if the auto-solution function is active)

Available actions:

  • T-back.png Back to the previous list

Notification module settings

Notifications -> T-attr.png Global settings for the Notifications module


  • Keep old notifications (days) - Information about notifications that did not occur during a selected period, will be deleted automatically. The default value is 30 days
  • Keep resolved issues (days) - Information about issues that were resolved this number of days ago, will be deleted automatically. The default value is one week
  • Show user notifications - Select the check box to display users' notifications. The check box is not selected by default


  • Send Email notifications - Select the check box to send error notifications
  • SMTP-server - Enter the SMTP server for sending notifications
  • SMTP-server port - Enter an SMTP port for sending notifications
  • Email for notifications - Enter an email address to which new notifications will be sent
  • Sent from - Enter an email address from which new notifications will be sent
  • Notification message language - Select a language that will be used in notifications

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