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This module can be used to manage various DNSBL black lists where IP addresses for any reason are being denied. If an IP address you are going to unassign is put on one of the those black lists, it cannot be used.

If at least one black list is created, the IP address you are going to unassign will be first verified and get the "Checking" status.

A cron job is created to verify "Checking" and "Blocked" IP addresses once an hour. Once the verification process is complete, all of the address that are not included into black lists, will get the "Available" status. Otherwise, they will become "Blocked".

See also Checking IP addresses.

Problem IP addresses


List data:

  • IP address - IP address that didn't pass the verification process and cannot be used
  • Problem description - Detailed description of the issue
  • Time of occurrence - Time when the issue was detected. This information is not updated in case of re-check

Available actions:

  • T-edit.png Edit
  • T-delete.png Unblock IP addresses

IP address

Problem IP addresses -> T-edit.png Edit


  • IP address - The IP address which properties you are editing
  • Domain name - Enter a domain name associated with the selected IP address. Do not forget to put the dot at the end of the name.
  • Owner - Select a user to whom this IP address will be allocated
  • IP-address group - A group of IP addresses can be used to group IP address by VLAN, or according to purposes of their usage, etc.
  • Protect - <![CDATA[]]>
  • Notes - Enter additional information related to this IP address

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