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In the User settings module you can configure the control panel settings. You can change a username, select a language and theme, restrict access to the control panel from specified IP-addresses, and so on.

Click the "User settings" icon

User settings


  • Username - The username that is used to gain access to the control panel.
  • Language - Select a language that will be used in the control panel
  • Password - Enter a password to access the control panel. If you you do not want to change the password, leave this field blank
  • Confirmation - Re-type the password to ensure it was entered correctly
  • Access to control panel - Enter the IP addresses that will be allowed to access the control panel.
    Be careful when changing this value, otherwise you won't be able to access the panel
  • List of IP addresses - Enter IP addresses that will be allowed to access the control panel. You can enter a single IP address (, a mask ( or a range of addresses (
  • Bind session to IP - User will be granted with the session id upon registration. By default, any IP address is allowed. Activate this parameter to allow session only from the IP address that was used when obtaining the session id
  • Start page - Select a page that will be displayed once you log in to the control panel
  • Rows per page - The number of rows attribute determines how many rows are shown on each page by default
  • Number of records - Enter the maximum number of records that are shown in tables. This allows to reduce time on forming the result if a large amount of data is used. We recommend setting a filter rather then waiting for a large list to form.
  • Toolbar view - This is how icons are displayed on the toolbar: icons with text or icons only
  • Hints - Active hints are shown when moving a mouse cursor over the input field. Passive hints are displayed only when moving the mouse cursor over the hint sign.
  • Unsaved changes notification - Select the check box to warn users of unsaved changes
  • User experience - Select the level of user experience. This value defines the number of fields to be displayed, and system settings that will be available to this user
  • Successful login notification - Every time a login attempt is made, the corresponding notification will be sent to this email
  • Enable Geoip - Activate GeoIP (identify the location by IP)
  • E-mail for notifications - Enter the email address that will be used for system notifications

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