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Configuration details on the payment gateway side

Login to BILLmanager --> navigate to Payment methods-- > Click "Add" and complete the steps below:

Enter your Partner ID and Secret key. Do not change Payment gateway URL.

Enter the name of the payment method, select currency, set commission that will be charged from your clients.

To get integrated with Alipay, you may use your existing account in the payment system, or register a new one in BILLmanager.

Note: be sure to install an SSL-certificate on the server with BILLmanager for correct operation via https

How to create a new Alipay account

In order to create a new account with Alipay:

  • Open the Alipay registration form and get registered in the system.
  • Once completed, return to BILLmanager to set up integration with Alipay, and enter your account's data.

How to use existing account

On the second step of the Setup Wizard, enter the Partner ID and secret key exactly as they appear in the payment gateway side.


Alipay allows refunds. By clicking the Refund button in the Payments module you can refund the whole amount or its part to client's account. Refund can be made only for "Credited" payments.

Technical information

Alipay has three log files

  • pmalipay.log - configuration details of the payment method.
  • alipaypayment.log - payments.
  • alipayresult.log - responses from the payment gateway.