Automatic correction of DCImanager connections

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This mechanism is based on MAC-addresses received from switches. The information from service ports and the ports with Trank mode , UpLink, and Service port check box selected, is ignored. The operation starts every 30 minutes. Navigate to Settings→ Global settings → Fix server connections automatically. The procedure includes the following steps

If the server MAC-address is found on multiple ports, connections (devices connected to the server) won't be fixed automatically. If the server MAC-address is found on another port: If that port is connected to a server, it will be deleted from the list of its connections. The foreign port is added in the list of server connections with the MAC-address found. If the server rack does not match the rack where the port device is placed, the server rack will be changed into the rack of that device. Current server connections will be deleted from the PDU. If the server devices are connected to the port for which foreign MAC-addresses are found, such devices will be also deleted.


Q: How to fix the problem "MAC-address of this server is not found, but the server is active" ?

A: This situation may occur, if the server cannot boot via DHCP and cannot boot the operating system. At this moment the network card becomes inactive, and the switch cannot get the MAC-address. However, there is power on the port, so the port is considered connected.