Automatic payments

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Automatic payments allow to add funds automatically to client's account instead of having to repeatedly provide credit card (or any other payment information) information for a routine charge. They are also known as "recurrent payments".

Payment methods

You can set up recurrent payments for gateways that support this method:

Select a payment method and check the "Recurrent payments" check box. A new configuration form will open. For more information on how to set up recurrent payments for a specific payment gateway, please refer to the articles above.

Client side

After you activate recurrent payments, a new module "Auto-payment" will become available for customers. A client can select a payment method and the maximum amount of money he agrees to have automatically transferred from his account every month.

By clicking OK he will confirm that he wants to be charged for services automatically.

Activation of recurrent payment

If the client has insufficient funds for automatic daily charges or renewal of service, the billing system will generate an automatic payment for the amount of estimated expenses for the next month. If the client failed to pay the invoice, he will receive "Failed to make automatic payment" notification. This operation is performed only once before the daily billing cycle.