BILLmanager 4 and BILLmanager 5 functionality comparision

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We made a number of changes BILLmanager 5 has a number of changes both in the interface and functionality.

New features

  • New COREmanager 5 engine
    • New user interface, which can be customized according to personal needs
    • Multithreading
    • API (however, some features remain unchanged)
    • Heading files for development of custom integration modules, plug-ins, and BILLmanager sections
    • Updated file structure
  • New built-in ihttpd server
  • New setup mechanism, which allows to install and configure integration modules with the use of repositories
  • Automatic payments; some payment gateways support refunds, and automatic money back
  • Service (and other objects) history
  • Clients segments (different selection criteria and automatic mass mailing)
  • New billing type "Client can choose" allowing for more flexible configuration of service add-ons
  • Recalculation history
  • New limits for service order
  • New contract types
  • Automatic and manual validation of payer data
  • Localization tools
  • Synchronization mechanisms for:
    • IP addresses. BILLmanager 5 once in 24 hours synchronizes data by IP addresses
    • OS templates. It allows to monitor usage of paid OS templates
    • Services. For example, when you integrate BILLmanager with VMmanager, the billing system will check that all virtual machines created in VMmanager are also created in BILLmanager. If a virtula machine is found in VMmanager, but doesn't exist in the billing system, the corresponding notification will be created in the "Notifications" module.

Changed features

  • Clients: Personal account information is now displayed in the Clients section.
  • Clients: the Personal account information module is no longer available.
  • Product types: configuration scheme has been completely modified.
  • Staff members, contact - now in the User settings module.
  • Company settings. Free domain names - now in the Tariff plans module.
  • Company settings. User template name - now in the Tariff plans module.
  • Company settings. Invoices generation - now in the payment method edit form (“assign to company").
  • Global settings. Do not suspend services on weekends - can be selected in the Product types and Tariff plans module.

Что изменилось

  • Manual setup of services. The "Tasks" module enables to manage automatic errors, and perform a number of other operations that can be performed only by Admins
  • Advanced integration with DNSmanager: automatic creation of free domain names that are generated for services on provider's name servers
  • Integration with IPmanager is a mandatory step when you integrate BILLmanager with other ISPsystem's control panels
  • Integration with domain registrars and SSL providers in now performed in the list of Processing modules
  • Disabled add-ons are no longer billed
  • Internal names for units of measure are specified according to international standards
  • Payment methods are no longer associated with companies and can be used without them
  • Tax rates are set for service provider
  • Discounts are no longer available for "Clients groups". Group discounts can be created in the "Promo actions" module
  • URL of payment notifications were changed for most payment gateways

Deprecated features

  • BILLmanager no longer runs via Apache, however Nginx proxying remains unchanged
  • "Enumeration with quantity" add-on type was changed into "Client can choose" allowing for more flexible configuration
  • Ticket category. A client can choose a department when creating a new ticket. You can add a department description that will be available to clients
  • "Game hosting". You can use a custom service type in order to configure this service