Backup copy management

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Hierarchy: VMmanager KVM ->BACKUP SYSTEM
VMmanager Cloud ->BACKUP SYSTEM

A backup process allows to make copies of data to use in the event the original data are lost or destroyed. VMmanager KVM and VMmanager Cloud have a built-in backup system for making copies of virtual machines and VMmanager database

This article describes how VMmanager manages backup copies.

You can manage backup copies in two sections:

  • Backup copies;
  • Backup archives.

Backup copies

Navigate to Backup -> Backup copies. In the table you can see all the backup copies.

Click on Data to see what the selected backup copy includes.

Click on Restore to restore the backup data or Data -> Details -> Restore to restore the objects you need.

Backup archives

Navigate to Backup -> Backup archives. You can see the data from all the backup copies. The data are grouped by types.

Click on Details -> Restore to restore the objects you need.