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This documentation contains information on how to use ISPmanager Lite and Business interfaces and functions.

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Isp lite.png - available in ISPmanager Lite
Isp bus.png - available in ISPmanager Business

  • Mail
    • Email filtering Isp lite.png Isp bus.png - in this module you can set up email filters in ISPmanager.
    • Auto-reposnder Isp lite.png Isp bus.png- set up auto-responders that can be used to automatically send response messages.

  • Extra applications
    • Webmail client Isp lite.png Isp bus.png - browse to the interface of a supported mail client.

  • Settings
    • User settings Isp lite.png Isp bus.png - customize the ISPmanager interface.
    • Favorites Isp lite.png Isp bus.png - customize favourite items to facilitate managing of the control panel

  • Help
    • Help Isp lite.png Isp bus.png - link to the ISPmanager documentation.

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