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This documentation contains information on how to use VMmanager OVZ interfaces and functions.

See also

  • Management
    • Containers - a wide range of tools for creation and management of containers.
    • User management - create and manage user accounts.

  • Cluster settings
    • Cluster nodes - create and manage cluster nodes on which containers will be installed.
    • OS templates - tools for management of operating system's templates.
    • Container templates - configure templates, which your virtual containers will be based on.
    • Policy - set your container management policy.

  • System Status
    • Background tasks - monitor tasks that are currently executed in the system.
    • Active sessions - monitor current connections to the control panel.
    • Active requests - log requests processed by the control panel.
    • Action log - track actions that users of the control panel perform.
    • Access log - log users who access the control panel.
    • Notifications - track all problems encountered by the control panel and resolve them.

  • Settings
    • SSH keys - add and manage SSH keys to be able to ssh-access the system using your public SSH key upon OS installation.
    • IP address management - add ranges of IP addresses that will be assigned to servers.
    • Brand settings - change your control panel's logo, color scheme, link to the web-site.
    • User settings - customize the VMmanager OVZ interface.
    • System configuration - configure your server parameters and other settings.

  • Help
    • Help - link to the VMmanager OVZ documentation page.
    • Change log - view the list of modifications made to the control panel, such as bug fix, improvements, and new features.
    • Bugtrack - view information about feature requests and vote for ones you need.
    • Community forum - follow the link to take advantage of our Community forum.
    • About program - information on the license for the control panel usage.