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We have prepared the integration module for ISPmanager Business and CloudLinux enabling you to use all the advantages of CloudLinux from the ISPmanager control panel.

CloudLinux functions

The integration module allows to manage the following CloudLinux features directly from ISPmanager Business :

LVE limits
  • LVE limits - limits user access to system resources.
  • CageFS - virtualized file system and a set of tools to contain each user in its own 'cage'.
PHP versions
  • PHP Selector - allows each user to select PHP version. PHP Selector requires an account to have CageFS enabled to work.)
  • Mysql Governor - allows to monitor and restrict MySQL usage in the shared hosting environment. The monitoring is done via resource usage statistics per each MySQL thread.
  • LSAPI - Apache module for handling PHP scripts as LSAPI. It allows setting a certain PHP version for a domain (to be able to run LSAPI be sure to enable Apache Prefork and CageFS)

The CloudLinux module includes:

  • ISPmanager Business and CloudLinux integration module
  • CloudLinux license

When you order the CloudLinux module, our system will define the number of nodes (cluster nodes) connected to ISPmanager Business and will order a CloudLinux license for each node.

We do not recommend that you install ISPmanager on the server that is already running CloudLinux. Our module won't be able to update CloudLinux licenses for cluster nodes.


Please note: when installing CloudLinux a local node (where ISPmanager Business is installed) will be automatically added to cluster nodes (ISPmanager-> Cluster nodes).