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BILLmanager provides a number of built-in payment methods, but sometimes you may need a method that is not delivered by default. For example, you may want to create an easy-to-use payment method that will show to your clients certain data during payment, and will generate an invoice. In this case you can use a "Customized" payment method, which allows to add additional fields into a payment method. They can be added into a payment method edit form, and they will be displayed to client during payment.


In order to configure payment methods, navigate to BILLmanager --> "Add", and follow the steps of the Setup Wizard.

Select a newly created payment method and open the edit form. Click "Parameters" to open a form where you can add or modify additional parameters. Click "Add" and fill out the forms. Once completed, you will see a new field in the payment method edit form, where you can enter required information.

Technical details

The "Customized" module adds information into the following log file:

  • pmcustom.log - log file of the payment method.

Invoice template

Please note: parameters of a customized payment method are not included into a standard invoice template. You will need to configure your invoice template to display those parameters correctly.