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Hierarchy: DCImanager -> Setup and configuration
DCImanager Enterprise -> Setup and configuration

Install DCImanager on a dedicated server. Before you start, please refer to the article DCImanager: hardware requirements. This article describes how to install the control panel.


The license will get activated automatically when you install the panel:

  1. If you do not have a commercial license during the installation, the system will activate a free version. DCImanager free allows you to create and manage only 5 dedicated servers.
  2. If you have a "commercial license", it will be activated automatically, given that your server public IP address matches the license IP.
  3. If you purchased a commercial version and the license IP address doesn't match the server IP (your server has private IP address), execute the command:
export ACTIVATION_KEY=<activation_key>


DCImanager is installed and updated from the OS repository.

SELinux will be disabled during the installation to ensure the correct operation of the control panel.

1. Connect to the server via SSH with the superuser permissions.

2. Install wget if needed:

yum install wget

3. Download the installation script:

wget http://cdn.ispsystem.com/install.sh

4. Start the script

sh install.sh DCImanager

5. To install a certain version of a control panel, run install.sh with the --release parameter. E.g.:

sh install.sh DCImanager --release 5.50
If you have a lifetime license, please pay attention to its updates expiration date. If updates for your lifetime license have already expired during setup, trying to install the latest version of the corresponding control panel will cause issues with license activation. In this case, you need to start the installation process with the --release 5.50 parameter, where 5.50 is the latest version available for a lifetime license

During the installation process you need to choose:

1. Release version: beta or stable.

  • "stable" this version has been tested as thoroughly as possible;
  • "beta" contains most of the major features, but is not yet complete.
Depending on the release version the system will connect the corresponding ISPsystem repository. It will also connect the EPEL repository and update the package cache.

2. DCImanager version:

  • DCImanager — can be used to manage a large number of servers, and provides practically all the functions a service provider may need;
  • DCImanager Enterprise — is an individual solution tailored to particular needs. DCImanager Enterprise can be customized to offer one-of-a-kind functionality, so a service provider can get a custom-made solution which addresses his needs.
DCImanager installation

Once the installation is complete, you can access DCImanager at:

Url:https://<server ip address>:1500/dcimgr
Login: root
Password: <root password>