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DNSBL lists are available in ISPmanager 5.32 and later. In earlier versions you can make changes into the Exim configuration file manually. If you run ISPmanager Business, make changes to all nodes with the mail role. Following are the paths to configuration files on CentOS, the Exim configuration files on Debian are located in /etc/exim4/.

1. Create the /etc/exim/dnsbllist file (the Exim configuration files are supposed to be located in /etc/exim/)

-rw------- 1 exim exim 15 Июл  3 02:21 /etc/exim/dnsbllist

2. Specify the following entries into mgr5/etc/ispmgr.conf.d/mta.conf if you run ISPmanager Lite, and into mgr5/etc/conf.d/exim.conf if you run ISPmanager Business

path exim-dnsbllist /etc/exim/dnsbllist

3. Restart the panel

killall core

4. Specify the following entries into the Exim configuration file (the DEFAULT_RATELIMIT section). Example of the configuration file can be found in the mgr5/etc/dist/templates/exim.config directory

deny message = rejected because $sender_host_address is in a black list at $dnslist_domain\\n$dnslist_text
dnslists = ${readfile {/etc/exim/dnsbllist}{:}}

5. Restart Exim