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COREmanager allows you to create and modify interface elements directly from control panel. This is an experimental function, and changes made to the experimental version are not guaranteed to be feature stable.

Who may need it

Developers of panels and plug-ins based on COREmanager. You can add new menu, buttons, fields, and columns, as well as modify existing elements (the system will show properties of every specific object yype. This will help prevent errors and simplify the development process).

How to activate

Add the following option into the configuration file of your control panel (not COREmanager):

Option DeveloperMode

Add a path to the built dirctory:

MakefileDir /usr/local/mgr5/src/bill-manager

Execute the command below to apply the changes:

killall core

Panel interface will change. Special buttons will be added for every element. They are used to call inspector or delete objects. You will also see buttons for creating new elements. You can open an inspector and modify settings. clicking OK will apply the changes.

In order to see control elements for developer mode, log in as superuser (root in Linux), and drill down to User level, if needed.

Send changes to another server

Sometimes you may need to send modified XML to another server. For example, you edit the source code on server 1, and compile it on server 2. You can specify the script that will start after modification. The script will receive file and built directory.

Add into the configuration file of control panel:

BuilderOnUpdateXml /bin/

Example of the modification script:

cd $2
cp $1 /media/psf/Home/src/bill-manager/bill-manager/$1