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This module can be used to manage disks to be used for the selected virtual machine. You can assign or unassign virtual disks that were created in the Virtual disks module.

Module «Virtual machines»
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T-bullet.gif View a list of disks
T-new.png Assign disk
T-install.png Attach ISO-image
T-edit.png Edit disk size
T-delete.png Unassign disk
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View a list of disks

  • Id - the internal identifier of the disk.
  • Name - the name of the virtual disk.
  • Storage template - the name of the storage template on the cluster node.
  • Bus - the type of the virtual device.
  • Device - the name of the virtual device.
  • Size, MB - the disk size in MB.

Assign disk

To assign a new virtual disk, click the "Assign" icon and fill out the form:

Module «Virtual machines»
  • Virtual disk - the virtual disk you want to assign to the virtual machine.
  • Bus - select a device type.
  • Virtual device - enter the name for the virtual device that will be displayed with the virtual machine.

Edit disk size

Note: in disk form you can only enlarge the disk size. You cannot change the file system size inside the virtual machine. Users should change the file system themselves.

Click the "Edit" button and fill out the form:

Moduke «Virtual disks»
  • Size - enter new size of the virtual disk. This new value cannot be less than the old one.

Attach ISO-image

To make an ISO-image available for the virtual machine to use, upload it into the /nfsshare/iso directory on the cluster node where VMmanager is installed.

To attach the ISO-image to your virtual machine, click the ISO icon and fill out the form providing the same information as for attaching a new virtual disk.

Module «virtual machines»

Reboot the virtual machine to start booting from the ISO-image. If this operation fails, press F12 and choose the CD/DVD option while booting VNC.

Unassign disk

To unassign the the virtual disk, select it from the list and click the "Unassign" icon. Confirm that you want to unassign the selected disk by clicking Ok in the following form.

Change boot priority

By clicking these two buttons you can change the boot order of the ISO image or virtual disk.