External FTP-storage

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An external FTP-storage allows to offer your clients additional disk space for backups as an FTP-account. Integration is made with ISPmanager Lite or ISPmanager Business.

This feature is supported from version 5.101.

External FTP-storage


  • Id - unique identifier
  • FTP-server - IP-address of the FTP-server
  • Tariff plan - tariff plan associated with the service
  • Client - client who buys the service
  • End date - service expiration date
  • Status - current status of the service
  • Price - full service price including add-ons for a minimum period

Configuring integration and tariff plan

Configuring ISPmanager

  • Step 1. Add a new administrator
  • Step 2. If you run ISPmanager Lite, enable disk quotas.
  • Step 3. Add a user template, and forbid it to create domain, databases, disable shell access and restrict the number of FTP-users that this template can create.

Creating a processing module

Navigate to Processing modules --> Add.

  • Step 1. Select External FTP-storage
  • Step 2. SelectISPmanager 5 as its processing module
  • Step 3. Enter ISPmanager URL, Username, and Password of the ISPmanager administrator that you have created above. Attention! You must enter the admin's login/password. You CANNOT set up the integration with reseller permissions.
  • Step 4. Provide other parameters: a data center, a name of the processing module that will be displayed in the interface, and select a department that will handle manual tasks.

Storage processing s3-en.png

Creating a tariff plan

  • Step 1. Select External FTP-storage
  • Step 2. Select your Processing module and User template of the ISPmanager user.

Storage processing s5-en.png