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This module can be used to customize the billing panel to remember a list of your favorite menu items. It enables you to quickly access the most commonly used areas of the control panel.

Go to the "Favourites" module and select the required interface modules. They will be displayed in the "Favourites" section below the BILLmanager logo.

Then you may add a desired item to Favourites or delete it if necessary.

Module «Favourites»
T-bullet.gif View the favourites list
T-on.png Add the selected item to Favourites
T-off.png Remove the selected item from Favourites

View the favourites list

  • Name - name of the interface module.
  • Favourites - module current status:
P-onn.png - the selected module belongs to Favourites
P-off.png - the selected module does not belong to Favourites
Mbar-popularr.png - the selected module is often used (popular).

To add a module to "Favourites", select it on the list and click the "Enable" icon. It will be added into the section Favourite items T-popular.png:

Module «Favourites»

To return the full list of menu modules, click the "Full menu" icon Mbar-all.png

To view a list of modules of the control panel that you refer to most often, click the "Popular" icon T-popular.png.