Filters in the list of servers

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This feature is supported strating from DCImanager 5.77

We made a number of changes into the filter function in list of servers:

  • In the "Search by several parameters" field on the "Filters" configuration form you can now search by at least one search term.

Example: two servers have id=1 и id=2, and labels "Label" = "srv1" and "Label" = "srv2". Let's set the following filter: id=1, label="srv2", and select the "Search by several parameters" check box, the resulting list will contain two elements. If you don't select the check box, the system will generate an empty list.

  • If you enter words into the "Label" field that are not separated by spaces, you can add "Option SolidServersLabel", into the DCImanager configuration file (usually, /usr/local/mgr5/etc/dcimgr.conf), you can then enter several names space separated.