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BILLmanager 5 enables you to register domain names in a free domain zone.

Name server

Navigate to the Name servers module and select the "For free domain names" check box.

Name server configuration

Tariff plan

Navigate to the Tariff plans module to set up a template to generate a free domain name, and select the name server you have created above.

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A domain name template may contain the following macros:

  • @USERNAME@ - user who ordered the service
  • @ID@ - service identifier
  • @TYPE@ - product type name

If the template is not specified, "" will be used

Attention! The A- (or AAAA-) record will be created in the domain zone specified in the template. Make sure that zone is created on the name server and is available to the user whose data are specified in the name server integration.

A free domain name will be allocated only if a client hasn't selected a certain domain name (has left the field blank) when making a new order.