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VMmanager KVM

VMmanager KVM is a virtualization management software, which presents a perfect tool for creating virtual machines, providing VPS hosting services and building cloud infrastructure. VMmanager can use one or multiple physical servers to create virtual machines making it possible to manage a cluster with unlimited number of machines.

The Libvirt library is used for managing the virtualization system. If you encounter problems and cannot find possible causes in VMmanager KVM logs, try locating them in the libvirt logs (/var/log/libvirt) and the system log.

The control panel will install all the programs it requires, during the setup process. You don't need to perform any other server configuration.

Hosting providers can use VMmanager to provide virtual machines to their clients. Developers, educational institutions, commercial organizations can use VMmanager to divide a physical server into several isolated virtual machines.

Main features

  • Creation of virtual machines
  • Reboot, activation, suspension of virtual machines
  • Migration of virtual machines between cluster nodes
  • OS deployment on virtual machines
  • Boot virtual machines from ISO-image
  • Service resources report


  • One control panel can be used manage a number of physical servers (cluster nodes);
  • When you connect a cluster node, required software applications will be installed and configured automatically;
  • Live migration of virtual machines allows to unload cluster node;
  • Analytics and notifications system allows to get information about errors.

Other versions

  • VMmanager OVZ - this version allows users to create virtual machines using OpenVZ hypervisor.
  • VMmanager KVM this version runs on KVM-virtualization but doesn't allow to built a fault-tolerant cluster of virtual machines.