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Automatic recovery of a custom module

Sometimes, a module in BILLmanager 5 can fail, e.g.:

  1. COREmanager update;
  2. BILLmanager update;
  3. Update of third-party libraries in the system.

In order to resolve such situations, the billing panel provides a special mechanism for module re-built:

  1. when you first call a module (for example, when you open the "Processing modules" menu), functions supported by the module are passed. The following call is made: "<module name> --command features";
  2. If the call fails, the module will be re-built. BILLmanager 5 will check that the directory "mgr5/src/<module name>" (module name must match the name of ноу module's binary file) exists. Then, it calls "make install-only -C mgr5/src/<module name>/Makefile". Once completed, the system will try to make the call again.