Getting started with DNSmanager

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If you are going to upgrade from DNSmanager 4, skip this step and proceed with data import. All the setting will be imported automatically.

If you install the panel for the first time, complete the following steps:

Note: if you skip any of the steps described above, you will be asked to add missing data when creating a user or reseller.

Use of IP addresses

When creating a user or reseller, DNSmanager allocates them a separate name space. A name space is view in the bind configuration file.

A separate IP address is assigned to every name space. Thus, a newly created user will be assigned a separate IP address.

This scheme is not very popular as it requires a great number of IP addresses.

How to allocate one IP address to several users
  • Create a reseller in DNSmanager
  • Drill down to the Reseller level
  • Create a user on the Reseller level
  • DO NOT select the "Private name space" check box on the creation form