Getting started with IPmanager

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If you are going to upgrade from IPmanager 4, you may skip this step to proceed with the import. All the settings will be automatically imported.

This article walks you through the steps you need to follow to start working in the control panel and perform basic operations in the control panel.

  • Create an "administrator" user.
  • Drill down to the administrator panel.
  • Configure the DNS settings.
  • Edit types of IP addresses if needed. This module already contains all the types you may need for integration with other our software products.
  • Add your networks or those provided by the IP network's provider. If the reverse DNS is already set up, the information will be automatically imported.
  • If needed, the newly created networks should be delegated to your server (create the domain objects) in a global registrar (RIPE, ARIN and so on)
  • Initialize the IP addresses that are already in use not to assign them to users.
  • Create a "user" user.
  • Assign IP addresses to the newly created user.

Once you have successfully configured the system, you can proceed with the integration of IPmanager with other ISPsystem software products. A username is the name of the user that you have created on the last but one step.

If you are going to group IP addresses according to your needs, you may create more users and assign them IP addresses according to your policy.