Getting started with ISPmanager

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This articles walks you through the steps you need to perform to set up ISPmanager. Depending on ISPmanager version, the setup process will vary.

Modules that are used both in ISPmanager Lite and Business:

Peculiarities of ISPmanager Lite configuration

After ISPmanager Lite installation is complete, the server is ready for use. The control panel automatically installs and configures required software applications. Note, that ISPmanager Lite allows for flexibility in configuration of applications.

In the Features module you can set up the applications you are going to use: you can install/delete/select the services you need. We recommend that you choose software applications you are going to use, and do not change them.

Peculiarities of ISPmanager Business configuration

Unlike ISPmanager Lite , ISPmanager Business doesn't allow to select the packages that will be used for hosting, but you can select specific roles for your cluster nodes (web-server, mysql-server, mail server,etc.). Therefore, you can use the cluster for various purposes. For example, use separate severs for mysql or for mail services.

After the installation is complete, go to the Cluster nodes module to add nodes. The server where ISPmanager Business is installed will be automatically added as a cluster node with all the roles assigned.

This server must be present in the "сluster nodes" module, but you may not specify roles for it.

Correspondence between roles and software

In the ISPmanager: Policy module you can select conditions for managing the actions the control panel performs: how to allocate users to cluster roles, enable overselling, etc.