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Hierarchy: VMmanager KVM -> Cluster configuration
VMmanager Cloud -> Cluster configuration

GlusterFS is a network storage. This storage type works slower, than a local storage. We recommend to use this storage only for locating additional virtual disks.

Due to the limited functionality of libvirt driver, which interacts with GlusterFS, some actions (VM disk creation, download and upload of disk images for backup) can be performed by the panel with a temporary mounting of a GlusterFS volume on the necessary cluster node. QEMU-KVM interacts with VM disk images using its own driver allowing for better performance of the VM disk subsystem.

Server configuration

For more information about storage deploymet, please refer to the GlusterFS official site.


  • Due to libvirt limitations, we can specify only one of the nodes. We recommended to specify a domain name, which is reserved only for this purpose. In this way if a GlusterFS node fails, it's possible to connect to another node by changing domain name's IP address in DNS, which you use for connection.
  • If you use domain names for connection between cluster nodes while creating the GlusterFS cluster, use FQDN-names and specify a full domain name of the cluster node. Make sure that all used domain names are resolved correctly to IP addresses on all VMmanager cluster nodes.
  • Don't forget to provide the access of VMmanager cluster to GlusterFS cluster nodes, by creating firewall rules as follows:
-A INPUT -p tcp -s <ip>/<mask> -m state --state NEW -m multiport --dports 2049,24007:24009,49152:49251 -j ACCEPT

Where <ip>/<mask> - VMmanager node's IP address with a mask (for example