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Log in to BILLmanager after the installation process has been completed:

Url: https://<server IP address>:1500/billmgr

Login: root

Password: <root password>

Accepts the Service agreement, and perform preliminary setup. Login as Admin.

First, you need to add a company. Let's consider an example with our TheCompany

Hosting Beginner Guide bill1.png

Navigate to "Provider" - this is our project. You can choose a currency for charging your clients. In BILLmanager Advanced you can add only one provider, while BILLmanager Corporate supports multiple providers.

  • Provider name - TheCompany
  • Email for notifications -
  • Web-site URL -
  • Billing URL -
  • Currency - American dollar

"Company" settings

Hosting1 Beginner Guide1 bill2.png

This section is required for accounting purposes. You may set multiple companies, if you have several legal entities and want to accept payments from clients to separate accounts.