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In ISPmanager we'll create 3 mailboxes to manage email from the billing system.

Add 2 incoming gateways: and, and one outgoing -

Create an "Email domain"

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Enable DKIM for domain to sign our emails. This will prevent email from putting into the SPAM folder.

Go to "Mailboxes", and create 3 mailboxes for bill, sales and support

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Remember passwords for those mailboxes.


BILLmanager allows you to receive tickets via email. In this case a client doesn't need to log in to his Client area, and can send emails to support staff.

Navigate to "Email gateways" and click Add

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Select "External mail server"

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Add a gateway to receive emails to your Sales department

ОHosting Beginner Guide bill11.png
  • Use for - Incoming email
  • Department - Sales department
  • Send to Abuse - no
  • Email -
  • Server IP -
  • Protocol - IMAP
  • Port - 993
  • Username -
  • Password - пароль
  • Encoding - SSL

Create a similar gateway for your Support department

Configure the "Outgoing" gateway to enable BILLmanager to send notifications. You can configure only one gateway

  • Use for - Outgoing emails
  • Email -
  • Server IP -
  • Port - 25
  • Username -
  • Password - password
  • Encoding - TLS