Hosting Beginner Guide:Connecting VMmanager to the billing panel

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Connecting the server with VMmanager

Navigate to Integration - Processing modules, and click "Add"

Hosting Beginner Guide bill14.png

Select "Virtual server"

Hosting Beginner Guide bill23.png

And a module with VMmanager

Hosting Beginner Guide bill24.png

  • URL -
  • Username - admin
  • Password - password
  • IPmanager - IPmanager

Enter the following parameters into the form that will open:

  • Name -
  • Responsible department - Technical support

Creating a tariff

BILLmanager enables to set different prices for your services. Let's take our tariff plan Unaone and set the following parameters:

  1. daily charges - it will be easier for clients to monitor their balance. Funds are debited every day in equal amounts.
  2. minimum order period - 1 month - to prevent your clients from ordering/cancelling their services too often.
  3. late renewal fee - if a client failed to pay for his service in due time, he will have to pay for it starting from the suspension date.

Navigate to Products - Tariff plan

Hosting Beginner Guide3 tarif1.png

and click "Add". Then - select "VPS"

Hosting Beginner Guide tarif6.png
  • Name - Unaone
  • VPS template - Unaone
  • Charge daily - yes
  • Minimum order period - Month
  • Minimum period length - 1
  • Service activation notification template - VPS activation
  • License Agreement - License agreement
  • Late renewal fee - Renew from suspension date
  • Phone verification - Yes
  • Create all add-ons - Yes
  • Free domain zone -
  • Name server - ns1
  • Month - 100 Euro

Select our tariff plan in the list of tariff plans and click "Modules"

Activate our tariff on the server with VMmanager

Modify tariff add-ons:

  • CPU
  • RAM
  • IPv4 addresses

Select the tariff plan and click "Config"

Delete the following

  • "Bandwidth" - additional charges based on traffic statistics. VMmanager has traffic limits, so we won't add additional charges.
  • ipv6 - we won't configure ipv6
  • disk space - VPS KVM doesn't allow to flexibly manage disk space. Disable this add-on.
  • CPU - we have only one processor on the server, and we cannot change its frequency.

Let's add a price for "Number CPU"

Change the following parameters:

  • Minimum order period - Month
  • Duration - 1
  • Tariff plan includes - 1. This is a start value, clients are not charged for it
  • Step - 1. The start value can be enlarged by this value.
  • Maximum value - 4. This is the maximum value available for order.
  • Per month - 100 euro. This is amount per each step, i.e. you will need to pay 100 euro per month per additional CPU.

Change the "Price" for "Name servers"

Hosting Beginner Guide tarif8.png

Disable the price for "Private name servers", as we haven't configured them yet. Add a new price for "Provider name servers", e.g. 30 euro/month.

In this case, a new user without additional IP will be created in DNSmanager for the client. This will allow him to park his domains on your ns1|