Hosting Beginner Guide:IPmanager

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Log in to IPmanager after the installation process has been completed:

Url: https://<server ip address>:1500/ipmgr

Login: root

Password: <root password>

Read and accept the "End user agreement", and log in as "Admin".

Hosting Beginner Guide ip1.png

Select the DNS server module. Once you are done with the configuration, navigate to the "Dashboard", and click "New network"

DNS server settings:

Hosting Beginner Guide ip2.png
  • Administrator Email -
  • Name servers -
  • Free addresses -
  • Special addresses -

Click Ok.

Add IP addresses allocated by your hosting provider to IPmanager. We have 2 servers assigned to network, so we need to add this network.

If you servers are located in different networks, add all of them. You cannot add a single IP address.

Navigate to the User permissions configuration form and enter the following parameters:

Hosting Beginner Guide ip3.png
  • Network -
  • Gateway address -

Click "OK"

You have successfully configured IPmanager. You can now integrate it with DNSmanager