Hosting Beginner Guide:ISPmanager: Integration with IPmanager

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To be able to create users with private IP addresses, you will need to integrate ISPmanager with IPmanager.

  1. Login to IPmanager as Admin
  2. ISPmanager's IP address that we use in our example is Navigate to the Networks module and add the network of our ISPmanager
    • Network
    • Gateway address -
  3. Navigate to the Users module --> select our user ns1 --> clickPermissions --> Add
    • Range of IP addresses -
    • Select the Public and Alias check boxes
  4. Navigate to the Networks module --> select --> click the IPs button --> Add
    • IP address -
    • Domain name -
    • Owner - ns1
    • IP address group - public

The above actions will allow ISPmanager to use IP address in IPmanager. You need to add all addresses that you have added on the server. If you have a network from which IPmanager will allocate IP addresses, you can add it into "Permissions": or

Then integrate IPmanager with DNSmanager. For more information refer to this article