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Log in to VMmanager after the installation process has been completed:

Url: https://<server ip address>:1500/vmmgr

Login: root

Password: <root password>

Drill downt to the admin panel

Connecting a cluster node

VMmanager can manage multiple servers. We have only one server, and use it as a cluster node.

Navigate to Cluster settings - Cluster nodes to add a node

Hosting Beginner Guide vm1.png

Click "Add"

You will see the following notification: "In order to add node to cluster, you should specify which IP address on main node will be used to reach cluster nodes. This IP should be in the same network with other nodes IP".

Click "Ok"

Hosting Beginner Guide vm3.png

Do not change anything and click "Ок"

Hosting Beginner Guide-1 vm4.png

Our server is node1, all other servers - node2, node3....

OS templates

To allow your clients to deploy various operating systems on their VPS, navigate to Cluster settings - OS templates

Select a template and click "Install"

VM templates

To set limits for our tariff plan, navigate to Cluster settings -- VM templates

Hosting Beginner Guide vm5.png

Click "Add"

Hosting Beginner Guide vm7.png
  • Name - Unaone
  • RAM - 512
  • CPU - 1
  • CPU weight - 1000
  • I/O usage weight - 500
  • Storage template - File
  • Main disk size - 10000
  • Network - DefaultBridge
  • Network card model - The model is specified in the template
  • Incoming traffic, KiB/sec - 10000
  • Outgoing traffic, KiB/sec - 10000

You can create other tariffs in the similar way