Hosting Beginner Guide: Adding servers in DCImanager

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Server configuration

To add a server in DCImanager, navigate to Dashboard - Servers

Hosting Beginner Guide dci12.png

Click "Add"

Hosting Beginner Guide dci11.png
  • Label - you can use names that can be printed and put on a server in data-center. E.g. 50251
  • Owner - Without owner
  • Server type - E3-1230-8G-2x1000SATA
  • IP-address - IPv4 automatically
  • Host name - free.ds
  • MAC-address - MAC-address of the server network interface

Click "Ок"

In BIOS choose "Network booting". In DCImanager add MAC cards for booting

Server connections

DCImanager can automatically manage power supply. You should connect IPMI to the server

Select a server and click "Connections"

Click "Add"

Hosting Beginner Guide dci14 2.png

Select "IPMI" and the version of your IPMI, e.g. v1.5/v2.0

Hosting Beginner Guide dci15.png

Click "Next" and enter:

  • IP-address - IP address of your IPMI
  • Web-interface URL - the URL that a user will be redirected to, when clicking the Hosting Beginner Guide ipmi.png button
  • User - user with admin permissions in IPMI
  • Password - user password