Hosting Beginner Guide: ISPsystem's software reselling

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BILLmanager enables to resell ISPsystem's software licenses in two diffrent ways:

  • Stand-alone licenses. For more information please refer to the article Service reselling
    • When adding a "Processing module" select ISPsystem licenses. Integration should be performed with permissions of your user in, who can purchase licensees.
    • Import tariff plans that you want to resell

The second variant provides you with a number of competitive advantages:

  • By offering ISPmanager with VPS, you will allow your clients to easily manager their server. ISPmanager helps create web-sites, manage mail, databases, and much more.
  • By offering VMmanager with a dedicated server, you will allow your clients to create VPS and use server resources more efficiently.
  • IPmanager and DNSmanager are optional panels, which allow you to create name servers and store information about your IP addresses
  • By offering licenses as a stand-alone service, you can get discounts from ISPsystem and earn more benefits, as your clients can install a control panel on any server.

Get more benefits:

  • Get advantages of ISPsystem's partner. For more information please refer to our web-site
  • The more licenses you sell, the larger discount you get. More information can be here