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Hosting of dedicated servers – Hosting type when provider gives a client a physical dedicated server (in contrast to VDS hosting). This hosting type is used to run applications, which cannot exist together with other projects on one server or they have high resources requirements.

The purpose

This service can provide:

  • Users can have their own dedicated server which can be used only by one client
  • Full control over their server. Server owner has root access and can make custom configurations according to his needs, user even can install the necessary software or change OS
  • Minimum limitations – the maximum amount of websites, databases, domain zones, ssh / FTP / email users can be limited only by server's resources according to the tariff.
  • Availability to run high-loaded projects, create websites with a high traffic
  • Guarantee of bandwidth to the Internet (in contrast to VDS)

This service may satisfy needs of IT-intensive clients when VDS is not enough

This type has some disadvantages like a high price. Appropriate variant to start hosting of dedicated servers will be equipment reselling

For example, you can order servers from Hetzner or ISPserver

Hardware requirements"

To organize hosting of dedicated servers you will need

  • One or several dedicated servers for selling. You may start using affordable servers with Atom or Core i3 CPU, and buy more powerful servers with Xeon CPU in further.
  • A small number of IP addresses - IP addresses are assigned on a server.

How can you make money

Hosting of dedicated servers is described using such limitations as:

  • CPU
    • Частота
    • processor speed
    • Amount of processors
  • HDDs
    • Amount
    • type
    • size
  • RAM
    • type
    • size
  • Additional equipment
    • Hardware RAID controller
    • Internet connection via 1 Gigabit channel