How to add domains into DNSmanager manually (if domains are already specified in the named configuration file)

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This article goes you through the steps you need to perform for adding domains that are already specified in named, into DNSmanager.

1. As domains in DNSmanager are assigned to a user and his name space, you will first need to create the user.

2. The panel considers all the zones be included into view (view = user's name space). Be sure to include zones into view.


view "" {
allow-transfer {; };
       match-destinations {; };
zone "" {
               type master;
               file "/etc/bind/hoster.mary/";

3. DNSmanager stores all the information in the sqlite database. Add the domain into the database.

Database file - /path/to/manager/etc/dnsmgr.db (by default DNSmanager is installed into /usr/local/mgr5/)

For example, the name of the newly created user - named, name space -

Get the user's id from the base.

sqlite> select * from user where name='named';
15|named||$1$uRNrHK8j$wMBkoPr8FvtbC74DoiW3M.|16|on|off|13||0||100|||mail mail|ftp www mail|

15 - id of the named user.

Get the name space's id from the base.

sqlite> select * from namespace where name='';

13 - id of the name space.

Add the domain into the domain table and assign it to the user and name space.

sqlite> insert into domain ([id],[name],[namespace_id],[user],[dtype]) values ('56','','13','15','master');

Restart DNSmanager to apply the changes.

/usr/local/mgr5/sbin/mgrctl -m dnsmgr exit


You may ask - what should I do if I have two domains? The following is a script that can be used for automating this process.

A list of domains is supposed to be specified in the file /root/domain.txt. For the count variable set the value larger than the last id in the domain table.

for i in `cat /root/domain.txt`; do
       echo "insert into domain ([id],[name],[namespace_id],[user],[dtype]) values ('$count','$i','13','15','master');" | sqlite3 /usr/local/mgr5/etc/dnsmgr.db