How to add ip address to a virtual machine

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Hierarchy: VMmanager KVM -> VIRTUAL MACHINES

VMmanager KVM/Cloud

When you create a virtual machine in VMmanager, you can assign several IP addresses


All IP addresses will be added to the network interface of the virtual machine.

If you chose only one IP address during VM creation, in VMmanager -> Virtual machines -> IP you have added additional IP addresses, only one primary IP address will be added. Additional addresses won't be set automatically because of peculiarities of KVM virtualization.

In other words, additional IP addresses are added to virtual machine network interface only while OS installation. You can add additional IP addresses to the installed system only manually.

Technical details

Installation of Linux template is done using kickstart and preseed methods, these technologies allow to give to an installer only one IP address. That's why during OS installation process only one IP address is added to the network interface. But these technologies support an availability of post install scripts start after OS installation end.

In Linux OS templates which are provided by ISPsystem, in post install scripts are set mechanism of adding all additional IP addresses to VM network interface.

FreeBSD installation method is different comparing to Linux method, but after OS installation a script is started which adds all additional IP addresses to VM network interface.

If you install Windows on a virtual machine, additional IP addresses can not be added into the system.

For more information about OS installation methods, please, refer to the documentation.

VMmanager OVZ

OpenVZ virtualization allows adding additional IP addresses to the virtual container network interface at any moment.

BILLmanager + VMmanager KVM/Cloud

If you order a VM with additional IP addresses in BILLmanager, BILLmanager sends a request to VMmanager to create VM with one IP address, then it adds additional IP addresses for VM in VMmanager executing certain operations.

That's why during VM order from BILLmanager, only one IP address is added to server network interface. Additional addresses you should add manually. Or they will be added during OS re-installation