How to create a tariff plan

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This article walks you through the steps you need to perform to create a tariff plan in BILLmanager.

Complete the steps for BILLmanager initial setup before you start.

Go to the "Products" section to create a tariff plan.

Creating a template

A tariff plan for VPS, shared hosting, and dedicated server must be associated with a certain template on the processing server. Create a template on the processing server before you add a new tariff in BILLmanager.

  • If ISPmanager is used as a processing module, create a user template in ISPmanager.
  • If VMmanager is used as a processing module, create a virtual machine's template in VMmanager.
  • If DCImanager is used as a processing module, create a server type in DCImanager.

(complete these steps when adding other processing modules)

Creating a tariff plan

Click the "Create" button in the "Tariff plan" module to start the Setup wizard.


Note: in the "User template" field you need to enter the name of the template that you have created on the processing server.

Connecting a processing server

After you have created the tariff plan, activate the server where client's services will be created. Select the newly created tariff plan, and click the "Processing module" button. In the form that will open activate the server you need.

Activating IPmanager

If you want to provide shared hosting, VPS hosting or dedicated servers, you will need to configure IPmanager integration when adding a new processing module.

If are not going to allocate IP addresses to users of shared hosting, you can install a free version of IPmanager. You can install the product on the same server with BILLmanager.

For more information on how to integrate BILLmanager with IPmanager, please refer to this article.

Configuring a tariff plan

If you selected the "Create available add-ons" check box, the add-ons will be created automatically. Click the "сonfig" button to view and manage them.

The same add-ons are used for all tariff plans associated with a certain product type. You may create your own add-ons for a tariff plan or delete those you are not going to use. Click the "Add" button and fill out the form.

Order periods and prices

Open the "Prices" tab to create order periods and prices that a client may choose when ordering a tariff plan.

BILLmanager offers the following order periods:

  • Month
  • Three months
  • Half a year
  • Year

If you don't want to use the periods above, do not provide a price for it. This period won't be used. Or you can edit order periods in the "Product types" module.

To provide a trial period for your tariff plan, a required period in the "Trial period" field. In the product type edit form you can specify how you want to allow your clients to use trial periods.

Ordering a service

In the "Service order settings" form you can upload an icon for your tariff plan, and add any description you like using HTML. This will allow you to change the way how your tariff plans are displayed.

Go to the "Product type" edit form and select how your tariffs will be displayed:

  • list
  • blocks

Sorting tariff plans

Click the "Up" and "Down" buttons to change the position of your tariff plans on the order page. "1" means that a tariff plan will be on the top of the list, etc.