How to enable Web-disk

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Available in ISPmanager 5.51

The Apache mod_dav module is used

Configuration Navigate to "Web-server configuration" -- "Web-disk".

An administrator can enable/disable web-disk.

Users can only change a path to network disk. By default, access is provided to a user home directory. When you change the path, a new path will be specified in the user home directory.

How it works

After the administrator enables this option, the webdisk.conf file will be created in $HOME_APACHE/vhost-default

    DAVLockDB /var/tmp/DAVLock.db
    AddExternalAuth pwauth /usr/bin/pwauth
    SetExternalAuthMethod pwauth pipe
    Alias /webdav/USER /var/www/USER/webdav
    <Directory /var/www/*/webdav>
	Dav on
    Include conf/webdav-users


  DAVLockDB -  a full path to database locks;
  AddExternalAuth, SetExternalAuthMethod - PAM-authentication methods;
  Alias - alias for use to access his disk, where   /var/www/USER/webdav is a path to symbolic link to directory, specified by use as a base directory (by default, this is a user home directory);
  Directory - enable Dav for all users.

Then, in the $HOME_APACHE/webdav-users directory USER.conf files will be created:

   <Directory /var/www/$USER/webdav>
	AssignUserID $USER apache
	AuthBasicProvider external
	AuthExternal pwauth
	AuthName "Restricted Area"
	AuthType Basic
	Dav on
	Require user $USER


  AssignUserID - permissions for the $USER user and the APACHE group 
  Require user - only the  $USER user can access the directory 
  AuthExternal, AuthBasicProvider - authentication method. We use  pwauth, which is specified in the webdisk.conf configuration file. 

Generating an access link

  • ISPmanager Lite:
  WWW-domains with SSL are not present - http://IP address of WWW domain/webdav/user
  WWW-domains with SSL - https://IP address of WWW domain with SSL/webdav/user
  WWW-domains are not present          - http://server IP address/webdav/user

an IP address is specified as follows:

select an IP address associated with a WWW domain with SSL enabled, access is performed through HTTPS;

if such WWW-domains are not found, the system will search for IP addresses of common WWW-domains; access is performed through HTTP;

if WWW-domains are not present, any server's IP address will be selected; access is performed through HTTP.

  • ISPmanager Business:
  Nginx-proxy is disabled - https://node IP address/webdav/user
  Nginx-proxy is enabled - https://domain name with Nginx-proxy enabled/webdav/user

Access will be performed by a node's IP address where the user is created.

IP address that is used to access the web disk is displayed on the user Dashboard. To enable the web-disk on Windows, you first need to allow for auth_basic authentication.

Starting from version 5.138.0 The authentication method was changed from auth_basic into auth_digest.

If you connect a web-disk on Windows, auth_basic authentication method is not required.